Development of a Computerized Orbito-Prefrontal Task

Development of a Computerized Orbito-Prefrontal Task – Certain tasks are known to “tap into” certain parts of the brain. This study examines the performance of children of different ages, and adults, on tasks known to rely on the orbito-prefrontal cortex (a part of the brain thought to play a role in emotion regulation and memory). … Read more

Face Recognition Study

Face Recognition Study – The ability to recognize other faces and emotional expressions is a significant component of social cognition. This comparative study examines how particular areas of the brain may be involved in the development of this ability. A Four-site Study on Face Recognition in Humans and Monkeys In the mature brain, regions of … Read more

Development Of Methods For Studying Brain-behavior Relations

Methods for Studying Brain-Behavior Relations – Part of the challenge of studying the effects of experience on the brain is the paucity of methods for examining the development of particular brain structures. These research projects focus on the development of methods that will allow us to look at how brain structures thought to be involved … Read more

NimStim Face Stimulus Set

The Research Network on Early Experience and Brain Development has developed a battery of 646 facial expression stimuli for use in its own and other studies of face and emotion recognition. Images include the following expressions, displayed by a variety of models of various genders and races: fearful, happy, sad, angry, surprised, calm, neutral, disgusted. … Read more

Brain Development Program Description

Despite much publicity in recent years that has suggested in unqualified terms that the first two or three years of life are critical in fostering healthy brain development and, in turn, healthy behavioral development, the reality is that we know very little about brain development in the human and even less about the role of … Read more