The Research Network on Early Experience and Brain Development has developed a battery of 646 facial expression stimuli for use in its own and other studies of face and emotion recognition.

Images include the following expressions, displayed by a variety of models of various genders and races: fearful, happy, sad, angry, surprised, calm, neutral, disgusted.

We are in the process of getting validity ratings on these face stimuli. However, preliminary data indicate high agreement amongst children and adult raters (Tottenham, N., Borscheid, A., Ellertsen, K., Marcus, D.J., Nelson, C.A. (April, 2002). Categorization of Facial Expressions in Children and Adults: Establishing a Larger Stimulus Set. Poster presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual meeting, San Francisco). This site will be updated when more data are analyzed.

We are making these stimuli available to the public free of charge. We require registration and acceptance of our terms and conditions to use the stimulus set.

By downloading the set, you agree  to use the images for research purposes only and agree to the following terms:

Only models #01, 03, 18, 28, 40, & 45 may be published, and these may only be published in scientific journals.  Researchers may not publish images from the remaining models anywhere.

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Much of the Network’s research is ongoing, and has not yet reached a stage where findings would be useful to the public. (Published Network research can be found here.) However, we wish to point those in search of reliable, scientifically current and responsible information to few select resources available online.

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