Interaction Between Genetic Background and Early Rearing Conditions on the Development of Social Behavior in Mice

This study examined the interaction of early rearing environment and genetic background on the development of social behaviors in mice. Most research on the effects of early experience on development focuses on the timing and type of early perturbations. To date comparatively little research has focused on the role of genetic variation in how the … Read more

Influences of Early Life Experiences on Behavior in Japanese Macaques: Modulation of Outcome by Genetic and Social Factors

A pair of small, affiliated studies that emerged from the study on the timing of maternal separation were conducted at the Oregon Health and Science University These studies investigated the role played by early experience in determining later behaviors, by examining the modulation of genetic and social influences on behavior in Japanese macaques. One relevant … Read more

Bucharest Early Intervention Project

This study compares the development of children living in institutions to the development of formerly institutionalized children now living in Romanian foster homes established by the Network. (Both groups of children are also compared to a group of never-institutionalized Romanian children living with their biological families.) The domains of development studied include brain, behavior, social-emotional … Read more